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Nov 6, 2012 2:00am PST
, a democratic consult and the who worked on the kerry and gore campaigns. special election coverage here on cnn begins right now. >>> it is up to the american people right now. good morning and welcome to our special edition of "early start." we have complete 4ri6 coverage of election day 2012. over the past 17 months we've watched two campaign spend a combined $3 billion, two candidates duel it out in three dramatic debates, all trying to win your vote. now more than 1 million campaign commercials later, 1 million campaign commercials later, the polls are opening. voting is beginning in parts of vermont. mitt romney not letting up on this election day. he's added two final campaign stops in cleveland, ohio and in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. both of them, of course, critical battle ground states. (is in chicago today. aides say he is likely to continue his election day tradition of playing basketball with friends before he goes to watch the returns. cnn reporters are fanned out all across the battleground states this morning, including in new hampshire. we have reports of the very first returns.
Nov 6, 2012 4:00am PST
're watching a special edition of starting point and cnn's live coverage of election day 2012. the two candidates have been talking for about 17 months now and now it's the american people who will have the final say. these are the states with polls that are opening right now. state of delaware, state of florida, state of georgia, illinois, kansas, louisiana, maryland, massachusetts, michigan, missouri, pennsylvania, rhode island, south carolina, tennessee, and washington, d.c. you're looking at a live picture now from wilmington, delaware, where joe biden is expected to vote at any moment. the vice president then will head to chicago to watch the returns with president obama today. mitt romney is not letting up on this election day. he's added two campaign campaign stops today in cleveland, ohio, and in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. there are already legal issues that are plaguing two battleground states. state of florida, where there are more long lines yesterday, and democrats are suing to extend early voting hours, even though those early voting hours legally ended on saturday. then th
Comedy Central
Nov 5, 2012 11:30pm PST
cable news has done since the 6 part cnn series bears, do they [bleep] in the woods. (applause) turns out, turn out-- turn out the vote is particularly crucial for obama because while polls show him ahead of mitt romney among registered voters, among likely voters they're tied. although among unlikely voters they're both being beaten by a honey boo boo marathon. now ot bama campaign needs to get those registered voters to become likely voters. and folks, they have a secret weapon to do it. according to a "the new yorker" article on the obama campaign, the best way to mobilize voters, they discovered, is through shame. something catholics have known for centuries. that's why jesus keeps getting re-elected. a 2006 study found that get out the vote fliers using shame and guilt increased turnout by as much as 8 points. so the campaigns are using data mining to learn everything they can to shame march to you the polls. for instance they know whether voters have visited pornography web sites, have homes in foreclosure, are more prone to drink michelob ultra than core ono or have gay friends
FOX News
Nov 6, 2012 12:00am PST
and gallup have 49 romney, 48 obama. cnn has it tied 49%, 49%. mom moth 48%, 448. you know what my two favorite polls out of those five are? >> bill: abc? >> yeah. absolutely. 50 obama, 47 ron romney. of course they are 35 democrat. 29 republic for 6 democrat advantage that is one point less than they had in 2008. i don't know of any sane person who thinks that the democrat intensity in this election is going to match it. it's going to be somewhere like 3, 2, 1, or gallup says 1 point more republic than democrat. in which case obama's lead is wiped out in that poll. >> bill: i want to asurety audience on wednesday we will deal with the pollsters who may have put them thumb on the scale. >> cnn is another one. they have tied poll with 11 points more democrat. >> bill: that says that romney would win because they are stacking. >> absolutely. let's get into your electoral college map. i agree with almost every one of your selections here except new hampshire. i think the neighborhood matters. this was a state that bush won in 2000 and lost in 2004. why? because there was the guy from next
Nov 5, 2012 9:00pm PST
for that is lady time. one last thing to keep an eye on in tomorrow's results here is the last cnn poll out of ohio. it's a cnn poll head to head president obama versus mitt romney in ohio. that shows the president ahead. cnn did the same poll in a slightly different way. rather than doing a head to head match up they polled on the other candidates on the ballot. in that poll he still leads by three. obama 47, romney, 44. gary johnson at 5%. jill stein with 1% and vir jill goode pulling in half a percent. that's not in virginia. that's in ohio. maybe half a percent or gary johnson's 5% will mean nothing. maybe ohio won't even be close. when elections are not close nobody remembers who the third party candidates are. when they are close all of a sudden that might be the most important thing in the world. >>> i brought extra clothes to work with me today. see? if it becomes clear tomorrow that we have to be heading out to colorado or ohio or florida for that matter, because it turns out that's where this thing is going to be decided over a period of days and weeks and months instead of it just being
Nov 5, 2012 5:00pm PST
. here's the latest poll of polls. cnn putting together the average of seven public polls, 50-47. so a very competitive race but again, the president has consistently been ahead by a couple in ohio. governor romney needs to win on the ground and win big on the ground tomorrow to carry that state. in a close election like this, sometimes the little guys matter. new hampshire is one of the little guys. only four electoral votes. a new poll out by the university of new hampshire today, a three-point race in new hampshire. this one actually could be decisive. i know it's only four but we might be watching tiny new hampshire tomorrow night as we go. the only way we will be watching is if governor romney can somehow find the magic in virginia. he has to win this one. new poll out today has it at 48-47, that's a statistical tie. watch the washington suburbs early tomorrow night, if governor romney can do better than john mccain in this part of the state right here, that means he could be in place because mccain and obama tied in the rest of the state last year. this part is key. then you mo
Nov 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
and the candidates are using every last minute they've got. our latest cnn poll of polls today shows president obama ahead by one point. 49 to 48 for mitt romney and it could all come down to this state where i am tonight. ohio. both campaigns made stops here today. mitt romney's campaign just announced he will make a stop here tomorrow as well. now, each man spent the day crisscrossing the united states, trying to make final pleas to voters. >> we have got to lead america to a better place. we're one day away from a fresh start. >> after all we have been through through together, we can't give up on it now. we've got more work to do. >> all of the key swing states are getting a glimpse of the candidates and their running mates today. florida, virginia, wisconsin, colorado, iowa, new hampshire and nevada. joining me here in ohio is john avlon. he has been traveling the state aboard the cnn election express bus. i'm also joined by john king in washington, d.c. the electoral college map, how does it add up right now? >> when you talk to the two campaigns, it's as if even though it's one country, they
Comedy Central
Nov 6, 2012 1:00pm PST
of obama's victory and resurgence was everywhere post debate, msnbc no longer seemed suicidal. cnn, of course, looked to be shooting a virtual dick in a box video, and... [applause] of course, fox news, well... >> and the questions, there were 11 of them. six were clear pro-obama. >> they were softballs. >> topics we haven't heard much about. >> three extra minutes for obama. >> moderators in these debates should be part of the furniture. >> did she assist the president? >> mid-sentence to fact check him. >> the that's the worst debate moderation. >> what the heck is that about. >> jon: no, no, no, don't help them. just let them cry themselves to sleep. [laughter] the only way they'll learn. we'll be right back. gó-x4$ jon jon welcome back. now obviously the debates are utterly overable id by the media. each network spending countless post-debate hours with pundits and body language experts and scientists using whatever the hell that is on that guy's face. it made us think here at "the daily show," why can't we get in on some of that sweet, sweet action? john oliver joins us. john
Nov 5, 2012 6:30pm PST
por delante de mitt romney por dos puntos. >>> para confundir mÁs las cosas, en cnn estÁn empatados, 49 a 49. >>> una de las grandes incognitas en esta batalla, es el estado de ohio, ambos hicieron campaÑas en Últimas horas, blanca estÁ en columbus. >>> haciendo largas filas, miles usaron el Último dÍa de votaciÓn anticipada para acudir a urnas a travÉs de de hoohio y mostrar por quÉ su voto es el mÁs observado. >>> ningÚn candidato gahla presidencia, sin ganar en ohio. en todas las elecciÓn, empezando en el 1900 el estado de ohio apoyÓ al perdedor, solamente dos veces. >>> alejandra mendoza regresÓ hoy, anoche no ingresÓ al centro de votaciÓn. >>> cuÁl es el tema mas importante para usted en este aÑo? >>> que obama haga la reforma migratoria, que tengan su residencia. >>> sobre el electorado ohio se dice que es un sÍmbolo de la naciÓn entera en miniatura, muchos llevan el peso literalmente. >>> tenemos media hora desde que entramos al proceso, y ando aproximadamente 25 libras acÁ, no es tan mal la verdad. >>> la poblaciÓn latina llega al 3.2%, las organizacione
Nov 5, 2012 8:00pm PST
the election to those voters. >>alk to john about the enthusiasm here. we have had -- at the cnn poll that came out today, enthusiasm was tied. 70%, very enthusiastic about going out and casting their votes on the republican side, same on the democratic side. >> it's fascinating, we've been talking so long about that enthusiasm gap. you look at the early vote numbers, they're actually up from where they were in 2008. here's one difference, can you see it in those two closing argument speeches. a lot of romney's enthusiasm, 37% was primarily about the opposing president obama rather than being primarily in favor of their candidate. it's only 12% of president obama supporters say they're against mitt romney. you saw those two speeches, mitt romney was running against president obama's record. and president obama in with a wash going back to where it all began for him, giving a very personal, very heartfelt speech that was very positive and forward looking. that message does translate. it echos in the closing argument. it's fascinating, we have a close race, both parties fired up really getting th
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
for him last time? i mean, it's 5-5. did they move? i heard of a cnn poll that showed a tie. but then the dr, did you see it was 30% republican, 41% democrat, and it came out a tie. so they needed a plus 11 to get it a tie. does that mean anything? >> well, what the partisan identification balance turns out to be today is going to be one of the critical factors. this is another key disagreement with the two sides. democrats believe that when you look at the exit polls and see who showed up to vote, that there will be 4% or 5% who are democrats than republicans. in 2008, there were 8% more democrats. in 2004, when republicans had an especially strong turnout operation, it was level. >> do we know 2010? >> 2010 i believe had a slight democratic advantage. very slight. >> even though the drought come was so overwhelmingly -- >> well, we have strongly party voting, but not overwhelming. and it depends on the individual state. but republicans believe that the partisan identification balance today, romney campaign believes it will be about plus two for the democrats. >> independen
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
day, with president obama just one point ahead in the latest cnn poll of polls, they're both bringing out the big guns. kid rock will take the stage tonight with mitt and ann romney and the president has been on the road today with not one but two music superstars, bruce springsteen opening for mr. obama. ♪ >> and jay-z playing a version of one of his biggest hits. ♪ >> tonight it all comes down to two men making their cases to the nation. listen to president obama in columbus, ohio earlier. >> the future's what we're fighting for. the future never has lobbyists like the status quo does, but the dreams of those children will be our saving grace. that's why i need you, ohio. to make sure their voices are heard. >> today, mitt romney said he would keep campaigning even on election day, with stops in ohio and pennsylvania. here's what he told the crowd in ohio a little while ago. >> accomplishing real change is not something i just talk about. it's something i've done and it's what i'm going to do when i'm president of the united states with your help. >> we begin tonight on the camp
Nov 5, 2012 10:00pm PST
find stunning. we have cnn polls and says what happens if these others are on the ballot. i have got news for you, they are on the ballot. those are the polls you should have been doing all along. let's take colorado, very important swing state. president obama when the question is just posed obama versus romney, he leads by two points. 50-48. that's in the cnn poll. when you look at it as it is on the ballot, then obama still has the lead, but it's mayor 48-47. look at gary johnson the libertarian candidate with four points and jill stein with one point. and goode the constitution party candidate is less than a half percentage of a point. but when you put it together, you see how president obama's margin has narrowed. could it make a difference especially when the margin is that small? of course it could make a difference. gary johnson believes it could make a difference in two different ways. >> new mexico, colorado, and nevada i take more votes away from obama. in north carolina and michigan, i take votes away from romney. it's equal on both sides and the fact look i'm more libera
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
for that is lady time. one last thing to keep an eye on. here's the last cnn poll out of ohio. this came out friday. head to head, president obama versus mitt romney in ohio. that shows the president ahead 50-47. but cnn did the same poll in a slightly different way. rather than just doing a head to head match up, they also polled on the other candidates who were going to be on the pallet. in that one he still leads mitt romney by 3 but it's a way more complicated interesting result. and even goode pulling in half a % in ohio. and maybe half a percent or gary johnson's 5% will mean nothing. maybe ohio won't even be close. when elections are not close, nobody even remembers who the third-party candidates are. but when they are close, all of a sudden, that might be the most important thing in the world. when you take a closer look... the best schools in the world... see they all have something very interesting in common. they have teachers... ...with a deeper knowledge of their subjects. as a result, their students achieve at a higher level. let's develop more stars in education. let's i
FOX News
Nov 6, 2012 2:00am EST
: we are more polls than parogi eating contest. >> bob: what's that? >> greg: cnn has 49-49 tie among likely voters but if you look at it closely, there is 41% democrats, difference of 11 points so that is polling kids if they prefer ice cream or bank spankings. still you get a tie. you can't buy the polls. that a tie among democrats. >> kimberly: i can't believe you invalidated the polls. >> greg: i have invalidated a lot of polls in my life. >> bob: that is the self-identified number they give out. >> dana: one of the most soarous political observers is michael barroan who went on a limb and said i'm going out on a limb, romney by a landslide. fred barnes who i rate faithfully, he talks about the aside in the weeds one. you understand and i don't. the enthusiasm piece. not just the crowd side. the ground game that president obama talked about, not as good as they say. ung decided by a long shot deciding to go for romney. they go in tied but romney pulls it out. >> kimberly: huge numbers with independents. >> bob: they registered 175 million people. >> dana: i think people drown in n
Nov 5, 2012 9:00pm CST
this is what cnn and others are saying basically right doubt it looks like president barack obama can rely on 201 electoral votes this is what is so critical. what is the easiest path to get these guys to the white house? with his number, 201 essentially what we have to turn around is ohio which is a critical state wisconsin and iowa and iowa is leaning towards obama right now if he gets to 71, he is reelected. now let's turn it around romney says not so fast i want an easy path to the white house but there is no easy path for you here is the easiest. va., and florida those three. but do the math, that's still not 270. he still needs to pick up either new hampshire or iowa, he needs those two states if he is going to break 270. iowa is leaning towards obama right now. tomorrow night one of the first things to look at is obviously the east coast states will vote first in terms of the numbers but keep your eye on of virginia because the va is critical, if romney loses va. the handwriting may be on the wall, florida will be called or round that same time as well if romney loses florida the
Nov 6, 2012 5:00am EST
. that is finally here. the most expensive election to date. cnn took a look at the site em president obama has spent $931 million. mitt romney supporters as bet more than $1 billion. when all is said and done, as much as $6 billion may have been spent on this election. if you wear an i voted sticker, you can get a gree free baguette. that is the business ms. -- business news. >> 5:51 right now. >> it is cold outside now. >> a little hot chocolate this morning. it is cold. let's give you the goods. it will be great. overall outside of the chill. to dress for the weather. -- do dress for the weather. temperatures in the mid 40's. starting at 35 at reagan national. dew point of 25. will get a little brisk later on today. our temperatures in the west are generally in the 20's. freezing conditions. 29 at dulles. 28 and the gaithersburg. 25 in frederick. freeze warnings didn't affect all across the mucha area until 9:00 this morning. we do not have them into our western counties because the glass of already been down below the freezing mark. the cold air is filling all across the great lakes into th
FOX Business
Nov 5, 2012 7:00pm EST
with a same plate. 49 for romney, 48 for president. and cnn-orc poll with a sample heavily weighted with democrats showed both then tied at a dead heat, president obama with his last day on campaign trail making one of the most curious accusation of the year, the president accused of stonewalling on benghazi, and response, accused governor romney to wait until after the elect is over to give real answers to the issues. >> refusing to answer questions about your policies, until after the election that is not change. that is oldest game in the book 992. lou: is it? also a game widely played. but go governor said he is the l candidate of change. >> i mean the question of this election really comes down to this, do the people of america' 4 more years like the last 4 years -- or do you want real change finally? lou: one more day until we decide whether a change of leadership is what we want. expert election analysis predicts with two of the best in business author columnist juan williams, and fox news digital columnist editor chrissy desire walt. we take that up with waleed ferris, and b
Nov 6, 2012 1:00am PST
are certainly ready for a repeat, even if the rest of us are not. joining me is jeffrey toobin, cnn senior legal analyst, and anybody on the panel who wants to ask jeffrey a question can join in. it's not like the stakes could be much higher, and you're saying things are a lot more organized this year than they were back in 2000, in terms of lawyers? >> this is now a part of political campaigns just the way television advertising and field organization. a legal team is just as obligatory for campaigns, and they both have them in great numbers. >> and provisional ballots which ohio doesn't count until ten days after the election, explain what role that could play. >> that's just such an amazing fact, frankly, i just became aware of it, as i've been studying up for election day. and it's really incredible when you think about it. provisional ballots are very common in ohio. whenever you go to a polling place, and there's any sort of problem, your registration appears off, you don't have the right i.d., they give you the provisional ballot. they put it in an envelope and put it aside. they put it a
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2012 11:00am EST
matrix is going to be depressed returning then -- republican turn out to get that revenge? cnn, ocr, 49-49, really, 11 points more democrat. does anyone think democrat enthusiasm will be more -- almost twice what was last time? the idea that you can look at those numbers and have no sense of the politics and stay with 90% certainty something is going to happen is laughable to me. dagen: i can't wait. >> it will be interesting to watch the returns. dagen: watch my home state of virginia. >> what count your city? judge napolitano: >> excellent. [talking over each other] dagen: i love seeing you. connell: use of video of chris christie in new jersey casting his vote moments ago. only pollsters and pundits we have been talking about, seems to agree, we will talk about it some more. the importance of the ohio. dagen: jeff flock. phil: karl rove has not seen the power of the obama ground game in ohio. it is impressive to watch. mitt romney as one too. the ohio capital of columbus. the tufting is governor romney has not led in a single:last couple weeks in ohio. that makes it difficult. closes
FOX News
Nov 5, 2012 6:00pm PST
'm looking at, and you mentioned enthusiasm, and the other thing is the poll, independents. even cnn has a plus 11 democratic poll that is dead even but you look at independents you have romney in the 50s and obama in the 30s. let me show you something from madison, wisconsin. back to 2004, bruce springsteen out there, 80,000 people. barack obama this year, 12,000 or 18,000. you see this all over. you don't see those crowds. you don't see that enthusiasm that obama had i think in large part because he hasn't been successful. and i think that hope and change, enthusiasm has kind of washed away a little bit. >> either bruce springsteen has lost a lot of fans or the thrill is fading for barack obama. >> one or the other. >> and the truth of the matter is obama 2008, the reason why he did so well is because he promised to elevate the country, unite us, bring us together. he said very clearly you may not agree with me on everything but i'll bring us to go. that barack obama is long gone. what you have now is a divider, a person who deliberately pits americans against each other, has run a ver
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am PST
the cbs news and cnn apps both outstanding in terms of following results and getting them realtime. and the last one that's interesting is called settle it. it's an app that will let you figure out what the candidates really did and stood for and what their decisions were in their recent political history. they are all of us say i did this and that. you never know which is true. this may settle those bar bets. no did he this or that when he was in college or what have you. >> it's a factfinding of sorts about the backgrounds of the candidates. >> are there more apps? >> reporter: there are dozens. there are so many out there, but we like these because they are free. they work really well and they are available on the major platforms. >> all right. brian cooley, thank you very much. for more go to >>> we are going to take a live look out in wisconsin where paul ryan is putting his vote in. we did see mitt romney earlier in belmont, massachusetts. but, of course, this is the vice-presidential candidate putting his vote in with his family apparently. >>> apple does
Nov 6, 2012 9:00am PST
; you know, again, another flare-up between the united states and iraq. and i had just heard on cnn, which i finally stopped watching that the state department said, "americans, don't go here- do not go." and i wrote david this teary, ethical letter, actually saying, "my responsibility as a parent seems to keep me from taking this journey." but i was serious. i mean, i really wrestled in terms of responsibility, ethical patterns of action, because we were hearing some very frightening things about the animosity over there. when we got there- i mean, the tendency, even though you've heard about it, is to think, you know, i'm just a humble religious studies professor from burrell, illinois- you know, i'm no threat to the islamic community. but you come over there, as we'll see, and you realize that you become a symbol for something way larger. and since we're talking about the ethical dimension and its impact on the social dimension, i can't stress enough what we discovered in our conversations, that while saddam hussein is seen as a brute and as an unethical person, really, within th
Nov 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
awards. use a regular guest hosts of the diane beam show on pbs and cnn and many other broadcast outlets. a native of wichita, kan. she received a bachelor's degree from northwest and journalism from columbia where she was a pulitzer fellow. she will be followed by vicki edwards to is electorate at princeton university's woodrow wilson school of public policy international affairs. .. great pleasure to be here with the four people for whom i have so much admiration and the wife quoted so much time and so many stories. i have i think a little bit of news which is i found out the title of the next book that is coming out between tom so you can figure out the 1992 book by renewing congress. it sounds pretty positive. 2000, the permanent campaign. okay maybe not entirely positive, but at least pretty neutral. six years later the broken branch. okay sounds a little careless. now it's even worse than it looks. the new book is run for your life. [laughter] after that they are going to be marching up and down holding up signs. [laughter] they take on many institutions in washington and elsewhere
FOX News
Nov 6, 2012 8:00am PST
for obama but a six more point democrats sampled than republicans. cnn had a tie and an 11-point more democrat. it was a 7-point more democrat than republican in 2008, cnn had it at 11 points and had it at a tie. we have too many polls, the precision they don't have, i'm a numbers guy. i like to see the votes. we know that president obama's margin has declined. if you take a look at the states, the battleground states where there's partisan registration, so you can actually track who is it who is voting early or applying for an absentee ballot. the democrats had a 11-point margin four juror four years ago, it's 5.5 today. 340,000 democrats voted early than republicans four years ago. they this year about 105 more democrats have turned out than republicans, which points to a very, very, very tight night. jon: as you well know these elections are won in the middle, democrats largely vote for their candidates, republicans largely vote for their candidate, and it's the independent voter that you have to convince t swing over to your side. where do you see the independent voter go. >> that
FOX Business
Nov 6, 2012 1:00pm EST
tie. cnn, rasmussen and our own fox news. six have obama winning, that includes pew, nbc, abc, cbs. two have romney winning, one is from shocker the liberal outlet, national public radio. when you average them all together as "real clear politics" does, you get president obama winning by maybe half a percentage point. yet the average obama win in various polls is 2 points. and average romney margin is 3 points. while the "gallup poll" has romney up by five points the poll by the liberal "national journal", has obama up by five points. go figure. add to that the controversy over some polls overrepresenting democrats in their sample. the entire thing is one big question mark. "wall street journal" though says you get a good picture averaging passel of polls all together. in '08 average of recent polls had obama ahead of mccain by 7.6 percentage points. obama did win by exactly that. we have a little bit higher percentage than forecast. in the last election the "rasmussen poll" was pretty on tar get in predicting obama's margin of victory. so what is rasmussen saying now? yesterday it
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 55 (some duplicates have been removed)